lunes, 23 de marzo de 2009

SHANGAHAIAN SPRINGTIME WALKERS - Spring/Summer Collection 2009

...sunday, 5th of april 2009 I want to invite all of you to follow me on a trip to the far east.
The presentation of my new Spring/Summer Collection 2009 will take part at 20.30h at the CONTENEDOR in C/San Luis 50 in Sevilla.

In colaboration with a fantastic creative team, we will perform a "Show" to kidnap you to another world far away from crisis-times and easter celebrations...
Colaborators are:
Lorena Losada "Isadora"( -hats,
Nuria Gonzaléz "Zaléz" ( bags and
Penelope Melero " Levoilà" ( accessoiries.

The coreography is done by Franchesca Lancharro ( and will be performed by her and 3 other professional dancers:
Eva Degois (, Itxaso Etxepeteleku and Daniela Marzolo Malagarriga

Ignacio Llanos Romero is responsable for sound and visuals and
Auro Murciano ( is the hair and make up artist.

Hope to see all of you there!
Don´t miss this!

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Smilax dijo...

I wish you luck
and all my best to you all!!!!!!

you deserve it!!!!!!!!!!



it's a shem for me not being able to go there, but i'm gonna be in alert to see how it went!