domingo, 16 de mayo de 2010

Cuando los arboles susurran

Here you got some impressions about my latest work.
The costumes for a very special play, directed by Mariana Gonzalez from the
"2 Lunas theatre company".
The interactive play is based on the concept of " theatre of senses" - sounds, smells, tastes, sense of touch...experiencing all this in a space of darkness makes the audience feel extensive types of different feelings and sensations.
I tried to complete with my costumes the main idea of the play and its atmosphere combined with a lightly fantastic character - by this, the story by itself and the marvellous stage design realized by Daniela Marzolo, we make spectators diving into an adventurous story about life.

It´s worth seeing it.

More information at:
Don´t miss it!

Impressions on stage:

The caracters:

the guide / the death :

the musician:

the little girl

the man:

the woman 1

the woman 2

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