lunes, 10 de octubre de 2011

Baroque Era

I´m so sorry - still I haven´t finished the winter collection- this autumn I got so many interesting costumisationjobs- that it seems to be impossible to finish the collection .
But don´t mind - I am into it and trying to do my best.
So I let you know what my two hands are doing right now: have a look at this:

Dancing dress inspired in baroque era, made of different fabris: silks, cottons, chiffon and different laces. Hopefully I get some nice pictures of the dancer performing with it!

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MixeDesigns Lab dijo...

Hola! me he encontrado con tu blog por casualidad! y me encanta tu trabajo! wow! son verdaderas obras de arte! Cuando vaya por Sevilla me encantaría visitar tu taller-tienda! un saludo