martes, 9 de diciembre de 2008

Showroom Isadora december 2008

...we also had to notice, that the crisis does exist...well- but anyway we had two good days at Isadora selling our stuff!
hopefully things are getting better soon...
you can still find all those clothes and accessories there.
have a look at the pics of our little designmarket - fantastic creative people have been there showing there works!
somehow i didnt made photos of all the stands...just pass by the blogs of all those girls to see some more pictures!

Lore and Manu: the owners of the shop: Isadora
C/ Perez Galdos 1 - Sevilla -

My stand: Lavique:

Abril Morillo:





5 comentarios:

le voilà dijo...

Hola wapi! Qué bonito estaba todo verdad?
Y además lo hemos pasado bien.
Hasta mañana.

Smilax dijo...

Thank you for your nice words, sweetie! My pleasure to meet you there!

All of you were so sweet..! I definetely fell in love with your wellingtons! the one wiht the little red bugs!

Warm regards!


luf dijo...

Hola felicidades por el Showroom haces una ropa muy bonita, congratulations
muxus y biquiños

Isadora dijo...

Vikita! muchas gracias por estar ahí! tu ropa como siempre, una moneria!

loulitas dijo...

Warum nicht meine Dinge Foto? mmm
du hast dein Link in, fur dir anzeigen.
Gut Glück!