martes, 22 de noviembre de 2011

LAVIQUE fall/winter 2011/12 : Charlywalky

So here are the pictures of the actual Lavique Collection : CHARLYWALKY
I guess you already know about my african fabric fondness...I couldn´t avoid it again.
This past summer I spent some time in Ghana. And again I fell in love with those strong cotton waxprinted and extremly colourful materials!

So here you have the mixture: Part of the inspiration source this time has been the traditional ways of dressing in Africa also as school uniforms and impressions I became out of street life down there - like short puffsleeves, round collars, multilayerd dresses...

The other part of inspiration is based on the typical shilhouettes of 1950´s skirts and dresses.
The waist at its natural place and skirts and dresses cut as whole circles awkwardly shaped and all this combined with an artful dip of elegance.

So feel invited to leave comments or to pass by the studio to try on your favourite dress, shirt, jacket or whatever!

a big and huge THANX to:
Paula Jane - Photography
David Alfaro y su compañero - Makeup
Bea,Sarah y Carmen - Models
and everybody else who put his part to realize all this!

3 comentarios:

LaCasaRoja dijo...

Sencillamente brutal!. Enhorabuena por tu trabajo y tu nueva colección. El escenario tambien es incomparable.

Anónimo dijo...

The word "incomparable" is appropriate, I would say uncredible good. You are a magician Viki. Congratulation!!!
I wish you some stars falling from the heaven.(Do you remeber the tale of the little girl with the matches..?) B.

Lavique - Fashiondesign and Theatral Costumes dijo...

of course I do remember...and indeed they are falling form heaven- and if I see them I always try to pick them up!