lunes, 26 de marzo de 2012

Somos Naturaleza

"SOMOS NATURALEZA" are the pictures of my newest costume work- this 1 hour play for children produced by Manuel Amian, member of the family-enterprise Can - Cuevas del pino - Cordoba- and directed by the theatre company "Compañía Teatro del delirio" is taken part at a tremendous place in Cordoba- a beautiful countryside upon a little hill with some really old and huge caves in its inside.

 The idea was to transmit to the children something about the living together with nature - how to listen, feel, smell and touch nature and all its inhabitants.
Three creatures abduct those children to some magic places and tell them its story. And I had the pleasure to take part in the creation of those three peronalities: The emotion, the intellect and the instinct.
 I had it all clear quite quickly although in the beginning it seemed to me as a real challenge to give those personalities an image.
I dyed, I painted, I made hairdresses and I sewed a lot!!!
So as talking is not my hobby-horse just have look at the pictures and get the idea -
 I hope you´ll enjoy!

                                              Emotion, Intellect and Instinct

                                    headdress of the emotion:

                                                 The emotion:

                                                 some more details:

                                                   The Intellect:

                                                          The Instinct:

For futher information about the play and its playing times click here

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Brigitte dijo...

your works are allways a great pleasure! Congratulations!