jueves, 12 de abril de 2012


The colour pastel, my dreambook and a soft dash of kitsch is this years SS Collection about...
In order to these ideas I bought most of the used fabrics in Paris and I really enjoyed adorning each unique piece of this collection with nature themes, like trees and leaves and flowers also as with middlesized bows, bottons and bands.

A huge THANKS goes out to Ricardo Llinares - the artist who offered his studio and paintings for the shooting - It was really inspiring to tell this story in such an adequate surrounding!

Well then : enjoy the shots!!! And feel invited to come around my space to try on your favourite piece!

also a kiss and many thanks go out to CAROLANE!!! and to Guillermo Garcia my fancy photographer !!!

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Brigitte dijo...

Jedes Teil ein Kunstwerk, einfach genial! Da möchte man gern noch einmal jung sein!