miércoles, 30 de mayo de 2012

The mother of the bride

One day in February there came two chinese women - mother and daughter, to my studio and we passed nearly 1,5hours together trying on everything that hang around.

I kept in contact with those ladies and suddenly Mirenda, one of them wrote me an e-mail, that she wants me to design her dress for the wedding of her daughter.

We started a process via e-mails sending ideas, photos of fabrics, scetches,...and finally made a decision.

So now, 3 weeks later Mirendas dress is ready for leaving to Hong Kong.

I used only high quality fabrics like silk satin, silk gauze and embroidered laces.

The result is this haute couture dress and Mirenda and me are very happy with it!

Here some pictures of this fine and high value work:


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Brigitte dijo...

Congratulation, it´s great, it´s a dream!!!!