martes, 12 de junio de 2012

Wedding Bells

As every year also this year the months from march to august stand beyond the star of people getting married!

A young german women came around my studio 2 months ago and we started processing to design her wedding dress.

First of all, Amrie wanted the dress to remind of a lightly romantic summer dress. Also important to her was the idea of maybe dyeing the dress after the ceremony.And at least she brought to me a quite simple but handmade middle-age dress to be inspired.

So what we did was shaping the upper part of the dress reminding a corset with a pointed top in the middle.
The lenght of the dress reaches just above the knee and it has a very wide boltrope ( nearly 3,50m!!!) - assisted by two lines of frills ( see on the photo).
A decent decoration on the decolletage made out of a fine band of the same fabric and some cristal bottons, and the breech in the back made with upholstered small bottons polishes the dress.

I used a very extraordinary wildsilk with a really special coloration that was very cushy to work with.

So Amrie finally can dye the dress in the colour she wants after her field day!

I am very happy with the result and hopefully Amrie sends me some photos wearing it!

                                         ( you can click on the photo to amplify the photo)

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