miércoles, 27 de junio de 2012

Flamenco and Jazz

Here there are some pictures of my latest work for Esther Weekes, an english Jazz singer with Caribean roots, who is dancing Flamenco and performs on Thursday 28th of June in the Flamenco Museum in Seville.

For her three showoutfits we tried to mix up typical Flamenco elements like for example ruffles and Flecos and picked up fashion details from the 1920-ies and 1850ies - getting inspired in Vaudeville theatre which  has its origin in the 1850ies and became most popular in the beginning of 1900.

The material we used for the black dress is an elastic velvet and black Flecos and some old glass bottons in black and gold.

The red dress strapless on one shoulder is made out of red satin and different types of red and petrol coloured silks for the flower decoration.

The green dress is made out of a double-ply green polyester combined with a green and golden silk lace as adornment on top of a purpel silk gauze plisse.
This outfit goes with a headdress of the same materials keeping in mind the delicate glass bottons polishing up the whole image.
And of course there are those typical peacock´s feathers they used that much in the 1920-ies.
The air wheel my grandmother brought it from India and I borrow it to Esther for the show because it fits that good.

For everybody who cannot come to see Esther dancing and singing tomorrow: enjoy the pictures and hopefully I´ll get some more photos from the performence because on black skin all this looks really GREAT!!!

 BLACK  (you can click on the photo to amplify!)




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