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WOMEN WHEELERS - Collection Spring/summer 2013

While northern europe still is snow covered and down here in Spain heavy and gray rainclouds don´t stop passing by, everybody is dreaming of the entry of SPRING!!!

Soon the time will come to get rid of boots and pullovers and just take a ride through beautiful landscapes with flower covered fields and fragrant avenues.

Thinking and dreaming of such sceneries I immidiateley had to think of my bicycle!
And finally that became the main issue of this years SPRING/SUMMER COLLECTION 2013:
                                                WOMEN WHEELERS

Dipping into the story of women riding bicycles I first had to go back in time and discovered very interesting facts about how cycling changed not only social aspects for women but also had a strong influence in fashion!!!
In fact one can say that from 1817 onwards "women rode the bicycle to freedom" and I recommend to everybody who is interested in fashion, cycling and the history of womens emancipation to watch out for information about this theme.

I enjoyed reading about this topic and finally finished in the 1920s to 30s when women and bicycles were not any longer a shocking and highly discussed issue.

Nowadays women ride their "hobby horses" ( another expression I found for naming the bicycle) all over. But here in Sevilla, my place of residence, I am still missing something:
sometimes it seems like cycling for some people is still considered a sporting activity more than an eco-friendly way of locomotion.
Riding your bike does not implicate that one cannot wear short skirts,high heels or elegant dresses!
Quite contrary: feel free to wear whatever you want!

So you will find various elements of shapes from different ages, small-size pattered fabrics, quaint volumes, tricky patterns and as usual old bottons and other handsome details!

I could tell much more about my investigation - but as in fashion normally words have not the same importance as images I´ll leave my short assembly and just show you the result!

So I´ll leave you with an excerpt of Sue Macy´s book: Wheels of Change:
" A bright,sunny morning, fresh and cool, good roads and a dry atmosphere, a beautiful country before you, all your own to see and enjoy and a properly adjusted wheel awaiting you: What more delightful than to mount and SPEED AWAY."

I hope you enjoy the pictures!!!

Style 1:

Style 2:

Style 3:

Style 4:

Style 5:

Style 6:

Style 7:

Style 8:

Style 9:

Style 10:

Style 11:

Style 12:

Style 13:

Style 14:

Style 15:

                                                                                                        - The end -

I want to say THANKS to: ( click on the name to see more information!)

                                                                                        ALFONSO GRUESO (assistant)
BLANCA CABRERA (MODEL: she also is a designer and has a really great work!)
SANTA CLETA ( these guys opened a new bicycle store near to my studio: they restore old bicycles and I am totally in love with the their work)

3 comentarios:

Brigitte dijo...

Eine wunderschöne fröhliche Mode, die jeder gern tragen mag. Idee, und Ausführung mal wieder genial! Gratulation

Reyes dijo...

Superbonito todo!!!
Me encantan todos los vestidos!! Tendré que hacerte una visita cuando pase en Junio por Sevilla...

Jorgos dijo...

Du hast einen unerschöpflich kreativen Geist.Die Modewelt steht Dir offen mit garantiertem Erfolg! Allein das Anschauen Deiner Kreationen ist schon ein Genuss.