jueves, 21 de febrero de 2013


In between, I am very proud to show you one of my latest works which went directly from my studio to the presentation of the Spanish Film Award - GOYA 2013

"Lucky me" I thouhgt, when Mercedes Cantero came to my place looking for an outfit for this very special event.
I liked the idea, that she didn´t want to appear wearing an exaggerated  and glamorous evening robe (also quite improper for the actual situation of Spain in my opinion).
She needed something special but comfortable and of course matching with her personality and also with the film she was nominated for (Mercedes realized the montage of a Cuban Film called: JUAN DE LOS MUERTOS).

So she chose one of the african fabrics I kept from my Ghana trip an indicated me, that she likes those long sleeve Jeans shirts that are in vogue right now.
The final design of her dress is inspired in this style. The african fabric had a lot of posibilities to play with its pattern and I added a dark Jeans fabric for the breast piece and the cuffs. Finally the result is this long sleeve shirt-dress, with a collar and some nice modernism bottons.
In combination with this dress I made a hair ribbon out of the same fabric and me and Mercedes really liked the result.

Now this story didn´t come to an end yet.
I really couldn´t believe after nearly 2 hours watching the Goya show when they said: " And the Goya for the best Iberoamerican Film goes to: Juan de los muertos!"
Suddenly the responsible artists of this film entered the stage (they were as suprised as me) to call for their GOYA!!!
Just click on the following link to see the short video:


This was a totally new expierience and I am very happy that Mercedes chose my design to go to the GOYAS  and somehow I still cannot believe that so many people have seen my dress that night!

I hope you also enjoy the short video and the pictures!

See you soon!!!

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