martes, 20 de noviembre de 2012

Lavique Fall/Winter 2012/13: "Talkin parrot"

Ok-here it is my new autumn/winter collection 2012/13

This year I investigated 40-ies shilouettes and combined them with some sporty shapes.I also reduced my colourful streak to a minimum and started crochet to have some winterly accessories like scarfs, caps and wrist warmers.
What is left than is what you see: wide Marlene- trousers, bulky hoodies, puffed sleeves, high waisted dresses and other features in autumnal colours.

I used to hear preferable Jamiacan Mento music from the 1950-ies during the design and production process.
So I named the collection as one of my favourite songs from this times: " Talkin parrot"
I think it fits quite well!
Enjoy the pictures!And come around to try on your favourite!
( you can click on each photo for amplifying to see more details)

style 1:

style 2:

style 3:

style 4:

style 5:

style 6:

style 7:

style 8:

style 9:

style 10:

style 11:

style 12:

style 13:

style 14:

style 15:

...and a smile at the end!

Muchas gracias a mi bella modelo Valentine!!! a Guillermo por el trabajo tan tan profesional y al HUERTO DEL REY MORO  y su gente - habeis creado realmente un espacio unico y hermoso en esta ciudad!!!

Modelo: Valentine Perrin Morali
Maquillaje: Valentine Perrin Morali
Fotografia:Guillermo García Martínez

3 comentarios:

Anónimo dijo...

Ya te lo dije personalmente, precioso, me encantó!
Un beso grande y felicitaciones!

Brigitte dijo...

Ich sage nur: W u n d e r s c h ö n!!!Das gesamte Arrangement überaus gelungen! You did a great job!

Maritrini Corona dijo...

Una colección preciosa. Elegante y con mucho gusto. Un saludo.