jueves, 14 de noviembre de 2013

Lavique Fall/Winter 2013/14 : Bon Voyage

 It´s showtime again!!!

This years fall/winter collection is all about travelling to long ango times!

The 30ies and 40ies are really inspiring decades: Music, Ideas, Films and of course Fashion!
An important input for this collection have been Alfred Hitchcock films, that nearly always have a spectacular leading actress with a detailed and very special décor of costumes.
I made a really interesting research of different shapes, wide shoulders, slim fitted dresses, 3/4 long sleeves, a huge variety of collars, short waisted cardigans, and much more.

Women became more and more self confident in those times and always kept a certain charm of femaleness and elegance.
Another decision I took this year was to change my normal colour concept.

I applied for the first time black as a colour in combination with white, dark blues and just a small blur of colour in green, pink and purple.

In my opinion the 40ies were the Golden Age of hats! They were so inventive and that´s why I completed the styles of this collection with some designs of hats and hair-bands inspired in those curved brim tilt hats with dotted veils and curved caps with silk flowers so characteristic of this decade.

Coming back to Alfred Hitchcock I found the title of this collection in his list of filmography.

Although this short film from 1944 isn´t the most exemplary of his films, but nevertheless I find the name proper for what I want to show you this year!

In this spirit:  BON VOYAGE!!!

Style 1:


Style 2:


Style 3:


Style 4:


 Style 5:

Style 6:


 Style 7:


   Style 8:



  Style 9:



 Style 10:

 Style 11:



Thank you so much my friends:
Photography: Guillermo Garcia
Make up: Valentine Perrin Morali
Hair       : Marie Helene Kugler
Model    : Malorie Haffner                                                                              

3 comentarios:

Brigitte dijo...

Tolle Schnitte- figurbetont, tolle Kragen interessante Stoffe- das muss ein Erfolg werden. Herzlichen Glückwunsch!

Anónimo dijo...

Coleccion preciosa! Me gusta muchisimo!

silencioestoycontando dijo...

Te superas en cada colección. Absolutamente fantástica!!! Enhorabuena!!! Las fotos son preciosas, me encantan!!! :D