miércoles, 13 de noviembre de 2013

A Vintage bride

Have a look at this beautiful wedding dress which is one of my latest works.

Isabel had quite clear in mind how she wanted to look like on her wedding day!
Together we made a long research of photographs and pictures to fix the idea and design of her dress.
We were looking for something simple, elegant and romantic with a pinch of  vintage and of course comfortableness.

 An important bonus was given by some very beautiful old laces of Isabels grandmother.
I had to wash them to get rid of its old, yellow colouring but we had very clear that we wanted to make use of them.
 Finally we found a nice, smooth and airy white silk which really matched quite good with those old laces.

 I appliqued the different lace bands on the neckline and on the doubled hem and also used it for the short sleeves.

 A special eye catcher is given by the fine belt with its small flower bouquet in the same colours as the hair and flower decoration in soft green and dusky pink. All made of different  wild silks.

Also the deep neckline in the back of the dress in combination with a button border of small upholstered buttons are really nice elements that pimp the dress.

As a special plus I also decorated the shoes with some of the outcutted lace.

Finally Isabel and me we really got to know each other quite well and are very happy with the result!

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rossella barbagallo dijo...

Me encanta su nueva coleccion!!! enhorabuena como siempre hace algo muy original y unico....