sábado, 26 de octubre de 2013

Can you hear the wedding bells

This friendly woman came to my studio in March to get started with a design for her wedding dress.
Like nearly all of the brides that pick me out for this very special assignment also she was not watching out for a typical wedding dress.
Almudena had very clear in mind that she would love to get married in a different colour- so that she even can use her wedding dress for other occaisons.

After a short analysis of colours that could fit to her we found a very soft silk chiffon in salmon.In combination with a white crepe as a base we decided that we found the right material for the dress.

Out of different silk chiffon fabrics I made a very fine decoration on the upper part of the dress.
As a nice detail I also used two frills coming down from the slim straps on each shoulder.
The shape is a classy A-shape not too exaggerated.

 To complete the design Almudena also ordered a delicate hair decoration which I made out of very fine silver wire with different glass pearls in the same colours as the dress.
And as she was not supposed to carry a bouquet I also designed a small, gathered  handbag out of the same materials.
Here you got some more detailed photos.

Last week Almudena came to see me in my studio and showed me some photos of that great day. She told me she felt really pretty and comfortable with her dress and was very happy!
And so am I!!

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