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MANY MOUNTAINS TO CLIMB - Collection Fall/Winter 2015/16

Again and as every year at the same time the hallstands in the studio are full of new designs.

The new fall/winter collection 2015/16  MANY MOUNTAINS TO CLIMB  is out and here I want to show you as always what it is about this year.

 If you are a follower of my work then you already know that I always search for inspiration and new ideas in any kind of terrain without limits.
 So this year all comes up from two experiences I made.
The first  one was nothing more and nothing less than my summer-holiday I spent in the Catalan Pyrenees where I climbed up really huge mountains for the second time in my life. A truly extraordinary nature experience.

As usual, I never dress  in a special way for doing special things-I am a girl that grew up in the countryside which is not used to wear special sportsclothes for doing sports, or special trekking clothes for climbing up mountains and so on.

So I asked myself seeing all these mountaineers with their sticks and pseudo breatheable Decathlon outfits: What about those times when people did mountain climbing and all these special clothes did not exist- how did they looked like climbing up mountains- especially women?

So doing my research I found out that women started mountain climbing much later than men. Like always they were dependent in what social restrictions wanted or better said not wanted them to do- and of course no women was considered to do men-things like mountain climbing.

While I found pictures of the first women climbing up mountains in 1870 or the beginning of the 20th century I felt like: Wow-these women look like me today doing mountain-climbing. Wearing skirts with boots ,mulitlayered outfits, scarves and hoods and always with a charming look.

A perfect inspiration source for my NEW COLLECTION.

But this season I also want to talk about something else in my work.

And here we come to my second subject of inspiration and the MORE IMPORTANT one - This one has its base in a general worry I have and which gets stronger the older I grow, the more I read, see and experience.

It´s about environment, the little we care about our natural resources, about pollution, about climate change, about our planet earth in general and in our daily routines.

It seems to me that people today in the year 2015 with 24h wireless internet connections on their smart phones and so many possibilities to be informed about what is happening in the world  still don´t know the facts about how bad things are really going for our planet and what they can do to make a change.

 It is so important that each of us makes a little effort and thinks about what we can do to stop climate change and to be more responsible with our environment and resources.

Do we really need so much clothes? Or doesn´t it makes much more sense to just buy one piece of garment  which is manufactured  in a responsible  way of production with biodegradable materials.

 So I tried to use for this year´s collection only sustainable materials like fabrics with an ökotex-stamp or recycled fabrics. And I sew in each garment a little tag with a short statement to remind my clients of what they can do for a better environment and ecology.

Our nature is so overwhelming! We need to keep it healthy and alive, today and every day-because it matters!

In this sense: There are Many Mountains to climb!

Enjoy the photos:

                                                                           STYLE 1

                                                                         STYLE 2

                                                                          STYLE 3

                                                                                       STYLE 4

                                                                              STYLE 5

                                                                                           STYLE 4 & 5

                                                                                               STYLE 6

                                                                            STYLE 7

                                                                          STYLE 8

                                                                         STYLE 9

                                                                        STYLE 10

                                                                     STYLES 8 & 10

                                                                      STYLE 11

                                                                        STYLE 12

                                                                        STYLE 13

                                                                   STYLE 14

ADDITION: Planing the shooting I shared my ideas with my dear friend and at the same time my favorite illustrator Neus Caamaño: Lucky me that I could again count with Neus´ professional experience so it was another lovely and enriching experience to design and built the stage design hand in hand with this great artist!

Like always many thanks to my wonderful team of this years shooting

Stage Desing: Neus Caamaño - www.neuscaamañ & Viki Vassiliou

Photography: Guillermo Garcia –The revelationfilms

Makeup: Valentine Perrín Morali

Models: Alina Zarekaite & Daniela Manzoni

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Deine tollste Collection, alles superschön, supergelungen, ausgefallen gearbeitet
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