domingo, 29 de mayo de 2016

SPLASH Collection Spring/Summer 2016

Finally Lavique´s spring/summer collection 2016 – SPLASH - is out!

This year it took me a little longer to finish the new designs - I had a lot of extra work in the studio these past months.
But better late than never: now it´s time to enjoy the beautiful pictures of this brandnew Collection.

As usual, a big part of my inspiration comes straight from the 1940´s and 1950´s – an unfailing fountain full of shapes,details,ideas and curious patterns.

Anyhow I have another topic to talk about this new season: I would like to emphasize my personal view of the “right size women” and current body standards.
As I deal with many women in my profesional daily routine it often makes me sad how many of them suffer complexes related to their body and size. It is a shame that in the 21st century, an era where so many things are possible women still are victims of superficialness and are often judged and critizised by their appearance and body dimensions.
I always try to convince my clients that a standard beauty and perfect body size doesn´t exist.
It is not about having stronger hips or wider shoulders or small breasts or short legs or whatever...
All of us should watch behind those superficialness and enjoy our personalities and our very own body and shape as it is and be proud of our curves.
It is absolutely true what some wise people said about internal beauty and about having personality: that is what true beauty is about!
Concerning this matter I spoke with many women about how difficult it is for them to find favorable clothes and especially, bikinis or bathing suits.
And as I already played since some years with the idea to make swimwear, I thought that this is the right moment to start this new project.

So this summer you can find elegant summer prêt-a-porter designs as well as beachwear in my collection.
There couldn´t have been a better idea than to make the shooting in an empty swimming pool! I am really happy with the outcome!

As in my past collections, this season I also used several recycled fabrics from the 1970´s to the 1990´s and combined them with ecological fabrics with an Ökotex-stamp.
We should never forget to take care of our planet and try to make a better,responsible and sustainable living!
With this in mind: I hope you´ll enjoy the photos! 

                                                                             Style 1


                                                                              Style 2

                                                                          Style 3

                                                                           Style 4

                                                                             Style 5

                                                                          Style 6

                                                                          Style 7

                                                                         Styel 8

                                                                         Style 9

                                                                           Style 10

                                                                       Style 11

                                                                       Style 12

                                                                        Style 13

                                                                        Style 14

                                                                         Style 15

                                                                           Style 16

Thanks to my great team!

Photography: Guille Garcia -The revelationfilms
Make up: Valentine Perrín Moralí
Hair: Viki Vassiliou
Models:Carmen Serrano & Ana Fernández Vilches


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