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Costume Project: La niña que riega las Albahacas

Here comes a short report about one of my latest Costume projects for director David Fernandez Troncoso and his play "La niña que riega las Albahacas".
In its origin this was an andalucian fairy story treating issues like machismo,gender violance,courage and feminists.
David already directed this play 20 years ago and kept during all these years the idea to reinterprete it one day!

The play is subsidized by the andalucian cultural ministry and had its premiere the 6th of June in Sevilla.

I just want to show you some details about my ideas about the different characters. I think it is the best to let the pictures tell what this is about.So I´ll show you first the sketches of each actor/actrize with its explanations. After this you can have a look at the mindboards where main ideas of the designs and its backgrounds are shown.
Finally you will find some pictures of the Costumes or on the dress form or directly on stage.
For a more detailed information I highly recommend to see the play which is full of surprises and a very funny way of criticizing actual social issues!
So here we are:I hope you get the ideas and enjoy the photos:

                                                    Maricastañas ( the tale-teller) 
                                                                  (Carmen Troncoso de Arce)


                            after finishing the Costume-work in my studio, this is the result of 
                                                        the creative process: 

                                                         Maricastañas on stage:

                                                                     The prince:
                                                            ( Juan José Morales "Tate")


                                                                      on stage:
                                                 quick change: The prince is lovesick:

                                                 quick change: The prince as street vendor:

                                                         Calatrava: the princes´ faithful knave
                                                                         ( Hugo Obando)


                                                                    on stage:

                                       The three sister: Clothilde,Matilde and Mariquilla
                                              ( Paula Dominguez, Marisol Lerida)

                                                   mindmap: Clotilde & Matilde:

                                                                       on stage:

                                                                       ( Pepa Faraco)

                                                                       on stage:

                                                                               The dwarfs
                                                         ( all plus Pablo Leira)

                                                            dwarfs scene on stage:

There are some more characters like The father and The King&The Queen but I don´t have good pictures of the Costumes yet. 

It was a nice teamwork and I am proud and happy to be a part of this play!
We did a really good job guys!

Dirección: David Fernández Troncoso

Jefe Técnico
Horacio Pérez y Real

Jefe de Producción
José Manuel Navarro García

Javier Campaña
Viki Vassiliou-Lavique-

For information about the presentations in the next months you can follow my fanpage on facebook.

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