domingo, 5 de octubre de 2014

El verbo en tu boca - Costume for Leonor Leal Chamorro -Bienal de Flamenco 2014

When Flamencodancer and performer Leonor Leal Chamorro came to my studio in the end of august to think about a new Costume for her performance at the Bienal of Flamenco 2014,I was immediatly hooked!
As this women has her very own style of interpreting Flamencodance I knew that something different had to be designed.

We had a really pro-creative afternoon thinking about different posibilities to make the dress fit with the already existing ideas of sound elements,different objects Leonor wanted to use for her performance and Flamencodresses itselves.
Also having in mind the titel of the show: El verbo en tu boca ( "The verb in your mouth")
we fixed as main idea that we wanted to work with letters,words,verbs!

So I made a first scetch to just fix a line which to follow and started investigating.

 Let´s get down to work:
So I first transformed the pattern to reach a certain wideness from the breast downwards- I wanted the dress to be tight only at the very upper part and than swinging richly around the rest of the body.

Once I achieved the silhouette the next step was painting the neon yellow spray in a wide spiral all around.
With this I felt like supporting the movement of the dress.

Surely the most difficult and time-consuming part was experiencing different ways to handprint letters on the fabric.
Finally I used a combination of handdrawing and ironing outcutted letters printed on transferpaper.

Seeing the perfomance at the hall of the Maestranza theatre was really great! I felt that my ideas and its realization fitted totally to the whole artwork Leonor and her team designed for this show!

So for the ones that couldn´t see the show,here you got some pictures which reflect really truely what this was all about!

A big Thank You to Leo for again and again trusting in my creativity and to Guillermo Garcia for these fantastic photographs!

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