martes, 18 de noviembre de 2014

My favourite things - Lavique Collection Fall/Winter2014

The main ideas for this seasons Fall-Winter Collection came quite early to my mind.

This time the inspirationspark came by fabrics!

In July I found some very nice material, most of them fabrics and buttons from a region in the south-west of Austria,a place called Tirol.

So I studied a little about traditional Tirolean Costumes – very inspiring!!!

I picked up different details like little puffed sleeves,shilouettes of collars, ways of buttoning up but most of all I was fascinated by fabrics and its typical patterns (mostly seen as adorned stripes).

As I am trapped by the modern era of Fashion history,I started to mix up all these ideas with typical elements from the 1940´s: skirtlengths, waistlines,details like huge bows and much more.
Curious mixture one would say!
But not enough yet, another good idea came into my mind.

For me as a designer its not only the finished pieces of clothes that make a Collection what it is. There is much more to think about-for example the Shooting is really important to spread the final idea or message to the public.

So thinking about different posibilities how to express the feeling or attitude of the Collection I had to think of my good friend and adored Illustration Artist Neus Caamaño!

Neus Caamaño is a catalan Illustrator residing in Sevilla and she is full of sensitive,genius and likable creativity.
After a detailed briefing she designed the “virtual stage setting”for the shooting.
I couldn´t have had a better support than this!

And of course my faithful friend and colleague,the sevillian Photographer Guillermo Garcia who took the pictures and set them together with the backdrops of Neus completed this fantastic teamwork!

What is left to say? The titel- Yes there is another short story:
The title is really important- it has to fit with all the ideas and designs and needs a recognition value!
And so suddenly I remembered a movie:” The Sound of Music”- a film I personally like a lot (I am a romantic person!) and coincidentally this movie takes part in Austria- Tirol in 1938!
Well- that was exactly the "dot on the i" which was missing!
I chose the main song of the film: My Favourite Things! And the tile was found.

Mainstream fashion-people normally are more of seeing pictures than reading texts - but I think it is important to also know something about the ideas behind these pictures.
So now, enough words: Enjoy the photos!


and also some details worth showing: 

As always I have to thank a handful of special people that supported this project:

Hair: Paula Padilla (front singer of the group O Sister!)You are really an expert  in Vintage-Hairstyling!Thank you so much for beeing my friend and occaisonal hairstylist!

 Make up: Valentin Perrin Morali,I think I did a good job!Thank you for material and useful instructions.

My Models: Carolina y Cristina, you couldn´t be more beautiful from the inside and from the outside!

and of course:( check their webs!!!)
Guillermo Garcia, 

Neus Caamaño,www.neuscaamañ

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Brigitte dijo...

Eine durch und durch "runde Story" alles ist stimmig und Du triffst mal wieder ins Zentrum! Ich gebe 100points!

Curro Ruiz dijo...

Preciosos trajes y hermosas modelos!! Enhorabuena y mucha suerte con esta coleccón!

irual82 dijo...

Cada colección es un cuento diferente.Me encanta, eres una artista! Alles gute

Lavique - Fashiondesign and Theatral Costumes dijo...

Me alegro que os esta gustando!Gracias por las felicitactiones!

A Dd dijo...

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Anónimo dijo...

Todo un éxito Viki! Realmente un trabajo redondo! Judith